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Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Update

Keithen's soccer team, the Black Bandits, played their second game of the season on Saturday. They lost 4-3. They did all their scoring in the final minutes of the game though.

The kids just haven't figured out how to run an offense - they are all clumping up and going after the ball together instead of spreading out to pass. The coaches aren't on the field with them this year, so it's hard for them to give instructions. I wish we had some practice time, but this league goes straight to games with no instruction time.

Keithen loves playing goalie and he's really pretty good at it. At the YMCA he is always goalie for part of their games. He had never been goalie at Indy Naz until this weekened. He got his first shot at it at the start of the game and then the coach actually put him back in the goal towards the end of the game. We need to find some warm days to practice at home some as he's lost a bit of his edge between the fall and winter seasons. He did a really good job though - got scored on by one of his teammates! He shouldn't have to be watching out for them!

After soccer I went out to finish shopping for Keithen's birthday presents. I have presents set aside for all three of the kids already now just waiting for their birthdays. I have to find time to start wrapping stuff. While I was gone they all spent some time in the yard kicking the ball around with Dad and playing with the neighbor's dog.


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