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Friday, January 20, 2006

Muncie mom fights school punishment

How many articles have you seen warning about kids carrying backpacks are too heavy? I see tons of those pop up every year when school starts. Here's just one such article - Backpack Safety for Children.

These kids at a Muncie middle school were forced to carry all their books around in a milk crate to teach them to be more organized.

"If we have one parent who is concerned healthwise, then we have to stop it because that was not the intention," Principal DiLynn Phelps said. "The intention was to help the kids be better organized. ... Once it was brought to my attention that it was a concern physically, it stopped."

Principal Phelps, have you never seen any of those articles or news stories about not letting kids carry all their books around on their backs? Making sure backpacks fit correctly to not injure them? The new popular backpacks with wheels? It never occured to her that having them carry all of their books in a milk crate is just as bad if not worse for their bodies?


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