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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ready for his report

He finished his poster last night and then practiced the report 3 times before bed. We even video taped it. And he did it this morning for Daddy too. It is a little longer than they were supposed to be (3-4 minutes instead of 2 minutes) but I talked to his teacher this morning about his book being so long (13 chapters, almost 200 pages) and she didn't seem to have a problem with it. I hope he remembers to talk slowly, loudly and clearly. As long as he does that I know he's going to do great because he has really worked hard to be prepared for it.

I also talked to his teacher this morning about the fact that he's been getting bored in school lately and about our struggles with spelling homework. She's going to talk to the Dean of Students about some other things that can be done in the classroom to challenge him. And at home he'll only focus on the challenge spelling words instead of the regular ones. Mrs. Hall mentioned how keeping the kids who are ahead like Keithen challenged is just as hard as helping along the ones who are behind. She made a mention of a kid like Keithen coming along "once in 30 years" which is how long she's been teaching. :) She's going to be recommending him for the Excel program next year, which means he will end up switching schools. He has to apply/test into that program and she'll be doing some writing stuff with him to help prepare him for that this semester.


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