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Monday, December 05, 2005

Family Traditions

Keithen had to do a project for school this weekend about family holiday traditions. He brought home a big white paper circle that he was to decorate like a snowglobe with our family's holiday traditions represented on it.

The three boxes represent the kid's Advent boxes from Grandma Dollar. Each one of them lifts up and has something drawn inside it. The top one is a picture of our family getting all dressed up. The middle one is music notes for Grandma Dollar's church concert that we go to. The bottom one is a table loaded with food for the party Grandma has after the concert each year.

There is a picture of Santa (tinsel for his belly, glitter for hands/feet/hat/Ho ho ho!) who we visit at the Children's Museum where he sits in a chair Daddy helped make.

There is a picture of a present that we give to others and a picture of fudge and homemade Christmas cookies.

I worked with him some to make sure he was thinking things through before he put stuff down on the paper. He did a great job of working through it one thing at a time and really stuck with it until he was done. He was anxious to get a chance to present it to his class.


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