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Monday, August 15, 2005


Keithen has been back to school for a month already. He goes to a great year-round school and so far I really like his first grade teacher. Unfortunately, homework is a HUGE battle for us so far this year.

In Kindergarten they brought home about 4-5 pages of homework on Monday night and had to turn it in on Friday. He was in 1/2 day KG so he had a lot of time to do homework. Every week he turned in all his work completed on time.

This year, they bring home two pages of homework a night (one on Thursday night if they pass the weekly spelling test that day) and the work is due the next morning.

We've been fighting a very frustrating battle to get him to do his homework over the past few weeks. He actually went to school once without finishing it and had to miss recess as a consequence. The pitiful part is that the work is SO easy for him. He could do it in 15 minutes if he'd just focus and work on it. I'm at a loss for what to do to help him understand how important it is to do this and to begin to develop good homework habits before the work gets harder as the year progresses.


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