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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

It was an *early* Christmas morning this year. Kaylee woke up at 6:00 a.m. and saw that Santa had come. I invited her to cuddle with me in bed because "you don't even get up this early for school." She climbed in with me and was about to drift back off to sleep when at about 6:20 Keithen and Ruby woke up and began making lots of excited noise and turning on every light in the house. So.....Christmas morning arrived! LOL!

Ruby was excited that she got 2 pairs of earings in her stocking. She had not changed her earings since she got them pierced in August. I tried several times on Christmas Day to help her change them, but she was too chicken to let me take the old ones out.

Kaylee has actually spent a good deal of time writing stories in this journal already.

New Webkinz!

Ruby opens her Hannah Montana dolls. (Hannah, Lily and Oliver all in one box.) She was very excited to find those under the tree!

The girls prepare to open their HUGE box. It has Barbie furniture in it for when Pappy brings up their new dollhouse.

Keithen with his new "pet" - the Roboraptor.

Ruby spent a good deal of Christmas morning playing with her gymnast Barbies from Grandpa John.

Matt swears this will be remembered as the Christmas that we finished opening gifts before the sun was fully up.


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