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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hard work = hardware!

Last night was Keithen's final soccer game and their awards. I have to say, of all of his trophies, I think this one is the one that he really worked the hardest to earn. His team was amazing this year. They had a great coach who really stressed playing as a team.

The difference for all the kids was phenomenal this season. Suddenly they were playing together instead of playing to get the ball. They were passing....and their passes were connecting. They were setting each other up to score instead of fighting each other for control of the ball. They were able to defend the goal and didn't allow very many teams to get one past the goalie. They didn't even allow the other teams to get very many shots off. They were so much fun to watch. I hope that all of them remember what they learned this season and carry it forward to the next.

The team drooling over the hardware.

Keithen getting his award from Coach Armstrong.

Do you think he's proud of it?

Trophy #8 - do you think the shelf can hold much more?

Sign ups for winter soccer are right around the corner, although he won't start playing again until January.


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