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Thursday, June 29, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

Ruby and I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance on FOX together every week. It's very funny because she doesn't want to miss a second of the dancing. Even if she is tired, she will only nurse during the commercials. As soon as she hears the theme music come back on, she pops back up in my lap to watch. We talk about the different dancers together and critique their performances. I think she seems to like Jessica and Benji the best. I like Dmitry, Benji, Donyelle and Heidi.

(SPOILER ALERT if you didn't see last night's show.)

Last night was the first time I have disagreed with any of the dancers who got kicked off as a result of the solo round. I thought Jaymz really should have been kicked off last night, not Ben. His solo was no more prepared than Ben's solo and he was totally out of control when he danced. It was wreckless and wild with no form and I swear he didn't mean to end up off the stage at the end, he fell off. Aleksandra was the right girl to cut. I hope Dmitry gets a better partner next week.


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