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Friday, April 14, 2006

Looking forward to a busy weekend

We have a really busy weekend planned. Saturday is going to be like an entire week rolled up into one day.

First thing in the morning I'll be off to the OCDA children's sale to pick up some clothes for the kids and also to look for a new bike for Keithen and maybe a dollhouse for the girls if I can find one cheap. (Matt is out right now delivering the stuff we have to sell. This sale has been a nice way to purge kid's clothes and toys twice a year and make a few extra bucks!)

If you have children and have never been to the OCDA sale, get up early and head to Craig Middle School on Saturday 4/15. (Craig Middle School is at 6501 Sunnyside Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236) The sale is from 8:00 a.m. to Noon tomorrow, April 15. (If you miss this one, there will be another sale in October and I'll try to remember to post the date when I know it.)

They fill one entire gym with tables and racks of children's clothing, arranged by sex and by size. They also have maternity and nursing clothes for mothers. Around the walls of the gym there are more tables with bedding, parenting/pregnancy/etc. books, breastpumps, shoes, etc. They fill a second large room (I think it may be a lunch room...pretty big but not quite as big as the clothing room) with toys, big baby gear (exersaucers, high chairs, strollers, swings, etc.), children's books, DVDs/videos, furniture and bicycles.

Matt's family Easter celebration is on Saturday as well. Their egg hunt is always a really big deal. Grandma and Grandpa hide candy-filled eggs out in the woods for the kids and there is usually a "nest" at the end of the trail with special eggs in it containing a little money or a small toy. The whole thing is kept fair by assigning each child a color of egg to hunt for, this way everyone gets the same amount from the biggest to the smallest child. While the kids are busy scouring the woods for their eggs, the grown-ups have a mission of their own. There are bottles of beer and wine scattered throughout the woods for us to find as well. The children are pretty good at only pointing out the "special grown-up eggs" to their own parents and not tipping off their uncles. We'll have lunch there after the egg hunt and I'm sure the kids will stuff themselves on lots of sweets. (Although all the rain may put a damper on the egg hunt portion of our festivities! The woods may be too mucky to hunt eggs and we may just have to do lunch for Aunt Nancy's birthday and postpone the egg hunting for a few days.)

We're also hoping to make it to Mandie's house (a.k.a. "Hogwarts") for Caitie's extremely cool Harry Potter birthday party and also to make at least one of the four soccer games being played at the Literacy Classic at Warren Central.


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