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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the 20th (and 21st!) day of Advent, my Grandma gave to me.....

On Tuesday the kids did Advent presents with Daddy in the evening while Mommy ran out to do some last minute Christmas shopping. The girls each got a book and Keithen got a bookmark.

On Wednesday we did presents before school (even though not everyone was dressed yet!) because Mommy and Daddy are going out to a movie later today. I wanted to make sure they got their gifts before Grandma came to babysit. They all got little pads of brightly colored paper. Keithen's is shaped like a house. Kaylee's looks like a butterfly and Ruby's is an apple.

YES...Kaylee has been a lazy girl, wearing those same pajamas since Monday night. She did wear a pink, fuzzy vest over them for a while on Tuesday, LOL! Today she is dressed again finally!


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