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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Parties!

Keithen's school party was a big hit on Friday. The kids drew snowmen with their eyes closed, made snowmen out of each other with toilet paper and other props and made a sock into a snowman tree ornament. Then they had snacks and watched a slide show of their holiday concert.

Afterwards, we had a short stop at home and then left for Matt's work party.

The kids enjoyed playing in a big bounce house that they had blown up in the shop. Ruby made me get in with her the first time. After that, she became quite brave and decided that, as long as someone boosted her in, she could do it on her own.The bounce house provided us with yet another example of how different the girls are. Kaylee and Ruby apparently bonked heads with each other while bouncing and both came out crying for me. After a hug, Ruby said, "I want back in now!" Kaylee cried, wailed and moaned and shouted, "I'm never going in a bounce house again! I want to go home right now!" (She did eventually change her tune and get back in.)

Ruby and Kaylee were the big winners in the raffle, bringing home a tin of cookies and a tin of popcorn. Let me just tell you exactly how proud Kaylee was of that huge tin of popcorn. The girl carried that thing everywhere for the rest of the night! She sat it on her foot, cried, but insisted on continuing to carry it. She fell down carrying it and put a dent in the lid with her chin. (Hard headed! LOL!) But she was beside herself when someone else tried to carry it...it was HERS and she was going to carry it. She made Daddy carry Magic Bunny to the van after the party so she could carry the popcorn.

After the party I drove the kids around the circle so they could see the lights before we headed home. The soldiers around the circle are all holding Colts flags right now too.

After that, the girls fell asleep but Keithen and I enjoyed looking at the lights on a few houses in a neighborhood close to ours before we finally pulled into our own driveway.

(pictures aren't working for some reason! promise I'll post some!)


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