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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ruby's ballet recital

Today was Ruby's first recital in her intermediate ballet class. She did a pretty good job considering that she missed 2 out of 6 classes when we were out of town in November. I'm anxious to see how she does after the first of the year with a little more instruction.
Miss Johanna said she could tell I'd been working with her on "walking like a dancer." They are supposed to walk toe-heal, pointing their toes and turned out. (Fourth position.) I swear that, during this part of the class, most of the girls look like a gaggle of 4-6 year olds trying to walk a straight line on the side of the road for the state trooper instead of the elegant image they should be projecting. They need a *little* more work on that skill. Who would have thought that walking would have been such a hard thing to learn?
After class we stopped by The Flying Cupcake on Anne's recommendation. It is a very cute little locally-owned bakery and the employees were very friendly. We had some yummy chocolate cupcakes with ice cream. (Notice the ballerina on top of Ruby's cupcake!) If you're in the area (5617 N. Illinois Street) we highly recommend stopping by for some dessert!


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