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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Women civil servants in India required to share details of menstrual cycles?!

This is simply outrageous. LINK

Under the new nationwide requirements, female civil servants in India must reveal details of their menstrual cycles and say when they last sought maternity leave. The questions at the root of the controversy are on page 58 of the new appraisal forms for the current year issued by the federal Ministry for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.

Women officers must write down their "detailed menstrual history and history of LMP [last menstrual period] including date of last confinement [maternity leave]," the form says.

Sounds like some pretty personal information Big Brother wants. Really, how many people do you share your cycles with ladies? And what does that have to do with your ability to do any job? What will they want to know next? How many times they use the bathroom each day and if it was #1 or #2? Or maybe they'll be errecting a red tent for the menstruating ladies at the office place?


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