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Friday, January 19, 2007

Ballet, 100th Day and Honor Roll

Ruby started ballet class again this week. She's in a different class than usual so she doesn't know any of the girls this time. She does have the same teacher though. She showed Miss Johanna how she has been working on spotting when she turns so she won't fall down so often.

Kaylee's class celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten on Thursday. They all made a project that had 100 of something in it. Kaylee made a window box filled with 100 paper flowers. (She ended up with a little help from Keithen, Ruby and me but she did work hard on it!) There were lots of neat and creative projects and they are all on display in the front of the school right now.

Keithen had his honor roll breakfast on Friday morning. Ruby and I attended with him this time. We had donuts with milk and he got a certificate from Arby's and a pin for his school hat.

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