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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Warning for users of NestleĀ® brand Good Start Infant Formula with Iron!

Apparantly Nestle is in a little trouble with the Food and Drug Administration. Nestle's Good Start Infant Formula with Iron was tested by the FDA, who found that the levels of calcium and phosphorus were not only below what the FDA requires, but also below what the product label states!

The product label says that the formula has 64mg of calcium per 100 Kilocalories and 36 mg of phosphorus. The required amounts are 60mg (calcium) and 30mg (phosphorus) per 100 Kilocalories. The FDA's testing first found 58.2 mg of calcium, then 58.6 mg on a retest. The phosphorus measured in at 28.9 mg and 29.4 mg. All levels below the FDA's requirements.

It may not look like a huge difference in numbers at first glance, but when you think about how many bottles an exclusively formula-fed child drinks, that little bit of a deficiency could really add up!

And then what about the issue of parents putting their trust in this company to make a quality product that is up to standards to insure their child's health? Why isn't Nestle testing the product themselves to insure that the standards are consistently met?

I have not seen or heard of any news release presenting a response from Nestle on this issue as of yet.

*Breathing a sigh of relief that I never had to worry about this kind of stuff with my breastfed babies.*


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