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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekend update

I didn't make it to Dr. Countryman's memorial service yesterday. MIL was comming over to watch the girls and to be here when Keithen came home on the bus. She was in a car accident just a short way from our house. Thankfully, she is fine and only the car got banged up. Ruby was very upset that Grandma "broke her car" and was afraid Grandma was hurt. She cried and cried. So...we got in the van and drove over to see her. Ruby was reassured and the girls liked watching the big wrecker pick up Grandma's smashed car.

This morning we headed out for soccer without poor Daddy, who had to work. Keithen and Ruby both had practice and thankfully their times were back to back.

After several drills, Keithen's team had a scrimmage with the yellow team. He got to play goalie for a while and did a really good job. I'm really seeing him do better and focus really well this season. He staying in there and getting to the ball a lot more when he's on the field. I know goalie is still his favorite position. (Wonder if it has anything to do with not having to run?)

While he was practicing, the girls played with a box full of kittens that someone had brought to give away. Can I tell you how absolutely overjoyed I was when they sat them down right behind our blanket and said, "Who wants a kitten?! They're free!" Kaylee looked at him with her eyes wide and full of hope and said, "They're free, momma!" I told her we can't have a pet. Thankfully, that was the last I heard of it from either of the girls! They were just happy to pet and play with them while they could. I personally thought I'd pee my pants when the woman asked MIL if she wanted one. I'm pretty sure the feral cat she feeds is more than enough for her!

Ruby's "micro-soccer" group did a bunch of drills with their parents. We practiced passing, dribbling the ball through the cones and kicking some goals. She was amazing! She was even running when she dribbled this time instead of moving slowly from one to the other. She has a big smile on her face through everything she does. This child loves any activity that lets her use her body and burn off energy. After the drills, they tried to have a game. This was pretty funny. Just imagine about 14 three-year-olds and their parents and two or three coaches running all over the field yelling encouragement. Ruby did great. She was right in there after the ball, stealing it and dribbling it! She even moved it about half-way down the field once and would have probably scored if she hadn't fell down right before she got to the goal. The coaches were all telling her how awesome she was doing. Next week she gets her shirt and her very first trophy. (Someone please tell me why did they wait to the end to give them shirts?)

Afterwards, we drove downtown and met Matt at work to deliver his forgotten cel phone and eat some lunch. We drove over to Wendys where the cashier told him that the new Frescata sandwiches were "as big as pictured on the sign behind him." Well, it's a good thing that they let him have a look at the piece of bread before he ordered. The woman at the counter had NO sense of scale. The real piece of bread is about 1/4 the size of the photo she showed him. I was very proud of the girls who both chose turkey sandwiches with yogurt instead of fried foods.

We delivered Matt back to work and started for home. The fuel was low in the van and it started acting weird on the interstate. I got off about half-way home and filled the tank back up. It was fine the rest of the way home.

Keithen, however, was not fine. He said he felt sick. All I had to give him was a paper Wendy's bag. On the way home he exploded, for lack of a better description. Of course the paper bag didn't hold and he and his car seat were an unbelievable mess when we got home. (Too bad I didn't have a Ziploc bag.) Neither one of us wanted to unhook the seatbelt to get him out of the car. I sucked it up, held my breath and threw a towel in his lap which I wrapped around the belt so I wouldn't have to stick my hand in the warm nastiness. I have never cleaned up so much vomit. The good news is, he seems perfectly fine ever since then. He's back to ignoring me and bugging his sisters.


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