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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A girly kind of day.....butterflies, dolphins and flowers

I took the girls to visit the White River Gardens for the first time. They loved the butterfly garden and we had a "hitchhiker" riding along with us for a while. Kaylee has told everyone she's seen since this morning about the butterfly who rode on her sleeve in the flower garden.

We really probably should have gone about 2 weeks ago to see the tulips at their peak. There were still lots of pretty flowers in bloom though. Seeing the knot garden was interesting to me since I just finished Philippa Gregory's novels about the Tradescants. I'd love to take the girls back sometime when the flowers are at their peak and take some nice pictures of them.

The big playground at the Zoo was closed because of the rainy weather. We were able to visit the smaller playground for a little while after eating lunch before we went to our dolphin show.

Kaylee was enjoying drawing in the dolphin dome. I love the pictures that caught her reflection in the glass.

Lilacs always make me think of Mamaw Betty.


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