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Thursday, April 20, 2006

What'll we do at the zoo?

We let our zoo membership expire about 2 years ago. I finally got motivated to purchase a membership again a couple of weeks ago. (Thank you tax refund!) Keithen had a half-day of school today, so the kids and I headed out to the zoo after school.

Since we were only there for the last couple of hours, we didn't get to see a dolphin show, but we did get to visit the dome and see them swimming around. It is really neat to see the swimming all around you in the new pool.

The seahorses were a big hit. (I'll share a drawing Keithen did as soon as I get it scanned.) There were artists all over the waters area today and it was fun to watch them working! I was disappointed that the shark tanks are closed right now. Evidently they are re-doing that area and it won't reopen for several months.

The walrus was really ready to put on a show today. He kept swimming right up against the side of the glass in front of people and actually pressing his face and body against it.

Kaylee instantly knew that the big blue bird in the Amazon area was a macaw (thank you Diego). She also stood in a cast of an elephant's foot to show how little she is next to the elephant.


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