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Monday, March 27, 2006

Museum Monday!

We were back at The Children's Museum again today to enjoy Fireworks of Glass and visit with the Hot Glass Roadshow glassblowers. All three kids took some time to draw a picture for the "You Design It, We Make It" program that the Hot Glass artists have been doing. (They made a submarine that our friend Graham drew last week.)

I tried to keep an ear out for any announcements, because if they pick your drawing they announce it over the loudspeakers. Well, I guess I need my hearing checked. I missed out on the announcement that they were blowing Kaylee's drawing into a sculpture! When we went back out to festival park later in the day, Eric (one of the glassblowers we met last week) asked if this was Kaylee. He told her that he made her drawing and he held her up so she could look in the annealer and see her stegasaurus. It looks AWESOME! I can't wait to take her back and see it once it's cooled and they can take it out of the annealer.

(Blogger is giving me fits with pictures again today! I will add more later!)


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