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Monday, February 06, 2006

Birthday party!

On Sunday we had a birthday party for all three kids at Grandma and Grandpa Dollar's house with their cousins. We made a cake to take along and share. Believe it or not, Ruby "read" the instructions on the cake box. She looked at all the pictures and told me everything we needed to do to make the cake. (Do you think the kids put enough sprinkles on that chocolate cake?!)

Kaylee was pretty fun to watch unwrap her presents...she was very excited about everything she got. Alexi was clever and wrapped all of Keithen's books and then wrapped them again so they looked like one big present. Once he opened Lemony Snicket #10, he announced that he knew the other two were books #8 and #9, LOL! Ruby and Kaylee both got Curious George toys, so I'm sure they will be going with us to the movie next weekend. Ruby got a greenhouse and some guys to add to their Dora house, so they came home and set all of that up to play with immediately.

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