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Saturday, January 28, 2006

School time and a new desk

Kaylee spent a good deal of time with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom spread out in front of her sorting through out little wooden alphabet letters the other day. She sorted them all into alphabetical order and then told me the name of each letter and what sound it makes.

Many days out house looks like a ticker-tape parade came through by the time dinner rolls around. The girls do so much cutting and making of things that I'm constantly picking up little pieces of paper everywhere. I swear one day I'm going to take a picture of the mess before I pick it up. It honestly looks like someone has been throwing confetti all over my living room most days.

In just about 5 months, Kaylee will be staring Kindergarten and she'll need a space to do homework. I've posted pictures of Keithen's desk before. We wanted to find something similar for Kaylee and Ruby to share.

It took stops at *3* stores today to find somewhere that had both the folding table and some sort of stool that was the correct hight, but finally we hit the jackpot. We even found a metal trash can with Dora, Boots and Kaylee's favorite - Diego - on the side of it. So maybe the tickertape parade will be contained? I can dream, right?!

The new desk is all set up in their room now and they have been working away on pictures at it ever since. We do still need to hang up a bulletin board above it so that they have somewhere to hang their creations. The one I bought seems to be just a couple of inches too long, so it may mean another trip back to the store to exchange it! That, or I may swap the one I have in the computer room for the one I bought the girls. We'll see what Matt thinks about how it fits when he gets home later.


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