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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One of those moments you *wish* you had the camera.....

I had one of those moments where I kicked myself for not bringing the camera along today. We made our weekly trek to the library today after lunch. I forgot that there was a Silly Safaris program planned there this afternoon. We saw them starting the program as we were preparing to leave with our books. The girls were interested so we slipped inside. I'm so glad we did!

The ranger showed several animals including a hedgehog, a cornsnake, a ferret, and a bearded dragon. Then she said the next was her favorite animal and that it came from the rain forest. I dared to get my hopes up that it might be one of Kaylee's favorite animals...a current obsession on which we had just checked out a book for about the 3rd time. She made a big show of how slimy the animal was before she took it out. My hopes soared higher as I watched Kaylee squirming to see what she might take out of the cooler. Could it really be? Yes! It was...a tree frog named "Jello!" I thought Kaylee was going to explode with joy. Not only did she get to see a real, live tree frog, she got to touch it and look closely into those little red eyes.

Just another thing for her to add to her list of "the best thing that ever happened to me was when...!!!" that has been growing so quickly these past few months. If only I'd brought the camera along today. Oh well...I'm sure Diego (Kaylee) and Alicia (Ruby) will be rescuing tree frogs in our backyard all week now.


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